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Fish Refrigeration

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At Angel we understand that our customers are looking for good quality, affordable and reliable equipment. That is why we offer a range of quality designed, engineered and manufactured products from specially selected manufacturers; Coreco, Everlasting and Mondel.

You will find a wide range of professional refrigeration suitable for the storage and display of fresh or frozen fish products, for use in Fish and Chip Shops, Fish Mongers, Sea Food Restaurants and Production Kitchens
Please note all our storage and display cabinets are designed to store of display pre-chilled or pre-frozen products only.

For those chefs, fish fryers, fishmongers and food producers who need to quickly and safely chill or freeze fish, we can offer a range of Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers 

At Angel Refrigeration, we like to work with you closely to help you make the right choice of refrigeration to meet your business needs.
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