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Coreco Multideck – CMI Range


Product Number:
CMI 5, 6, 8

Stainless Steel throughout including shelves and supports

Height and angle adjustable shelves, with labels holder

Operating Temperature:


Tampered glass side panels

Panel Thickness:
30mm thickness sides

Low temperature suited to meat, dairy or veg display

Night blind – efficient overnight running 

Auto defrost 

Length (mm) Display








Power W


CMI-70 680 0.76 0.86 1.01 4 1215
CMI-100 970 1.08 1.23 1.45 4 1497
CMI-125 1220 1.37 1.56 1.84 4 1497
CMI-150 1480 1.68 1.91 2.25 4 2878
CMI-190 1880 2.14 2.43 2.86 8 2878
CMI-240 2380 2.72 3.10 3.65 8 3116
CMI-290 2900 2.81 3.24 3.86 8 5756


CMI-5: 635mm

CMI-6: 725mm

CMI-8: 865mm

Please note all storage and display cabinets are designed to store or display pre-chilled or pre-frozen products only. Display cabinets are for short-term display of pre-chilled foods. After service or trading, chilled food should be moved to a chilled storage cabinet.

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