Climate Class

When selecting new commercial refrigeration it is essential to review the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of where the cabinet is to be positioned. 

All commercial refrigeration will show information about their climate class. this will provide information on the maximum temperature and relative humidity in which the cabinet has been designed to work efficiently. 

Class  Conditions 
Climate Class 3 ambient of 25°C with 60% RH 
Climate Class 4 ambient of 30°C with 55% RH
Climate Class 5 ambient of 40°C with 40% RH 
N Class (temperature class) ambient of +16°C and +32°C
SN Class ( extended temperature class) ambient of +10°C and +32°C
ST Class (sub-tropical class) ambient of +18°C and +38°C 
T Class (tropical class) ambient of +18°C and +43°C