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EU Energy Labelling

Important Information for all our Distributors

ECO Design and Energy Labelling Regulations from 1st July 2016

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) Directive

From the 1st July 2016, the new EU regulations for energy labelling for some commercial refrigeration will come into effect. These regulations are outlined in the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) or Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) Directive.

It is a legal requirement that for those selling professional fridges and freezers, equipped with a built-in condensing unit and solid door, designed to store food products at a certain temperature, will show the energy rating of the cabinet.


The new EU regulation according to energy labelling will ensure that the new production of professional chillers and freezers achieve the minimum of energy efficiency requirements.

The published regulation PR EN 16825 determines the rules of tests and analysis to draw up these labels. The information will be collected from the sequence of tests that simulate the use of refrigeration equipment in the environment of the professional kitchen. This regulation establishes requirements applicable to cabinets (counters and vertical, chillers or freezers):

  • With built-in condensing unit
  • Solid door
  • Designed to store food products at given temperature as their main purpose


  • Cabinets with remote condensing unit (pre-installation)
  • Open cabinets, where being open is a fundamental requirement for their primary functionality
  • Cabinets designed for food processing
  • Saladettes
  • Cabinets designed for exhibition and / or sale of food or drink
  • Cabinets with static evaporator

The label shall be displayed on the outside of the equipment and the data it should appear:

  1. Name or trademark
  2. Model
  3. Energy efficiency class
  4. Annual consumption in kWh
  5. Chiller: net sum of interior volumes
  6. Freezer: net sum of interior volumes
  7. Climate class (3, 4 or 5), together with the temperature and relative humidity according with the table:
Climate Class Ambient Temperature °C Relative Humidity %
3 25 60
4 30 55
5 40 40