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Hyper Box Cold Rooms

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Ideal for supermarkets, warehouse for foodstuff and for fruit and vegetables, storehouse for frozen products, workrooms for ice-cream and confectionery, slaughterhouses, dairy industries and chemistry laboratories.

Hyper Box cold rooms are available in six standard external heights, (2300/2500/2700/3100/3500/3900mm), with three insulation thicknesses, 70mm for refrigeration, 150mm for freezing, and 100mm for either. The internal dimensions can be any size.

Hyper Box modular cold rooms have been designed to adapt to any installation need. Their innovative versatility allows to fully exploit any available space even in rooms with colums and beams which normally hinder their use. Thanks to their particular design, they can already be prepared and adapted during the production in order to make their installation easier and quicker.

The upright and internal ceiling panels are white, plastic coated, galvanized, non-toxic steel. The internal floor panels are stainless steel with an anti-slip finish. The external floor and ceiling panels are also made from galvanized steel. The panel insulation has a density of 40-42 kg/m3, using expanded polyurethane (free from dangerous CFC’s and HCFC’s). The panels are fitted together using a cam lock system that ensures easy and efficient assembly.

The entrance door is supplied with a key lock and emergency exit system. The Doorway is 800mm x 1900mm. In negative temperature cold rooms, an anti-frosting heating cable is inserted around the preimeter of the doorway.

On Request, our cold rooms can be equipped with:

  •         Plastic coated galvanized steel shelving,
  •         Hook rails for meat with stainless steel hooks
  •         Compensation valves

These fantastic cold rooms can either be equipped with either a Monoblock unit, or a remote condensing unit.

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