All products offered for sale by Angel Refrigeration are supplied with manufacturer’s warranty. However please ensure that you take time to select the right equipment for the right product, location and process. Selecting Refrigeration 

The warranty period offered will vary by product, manufacturer and the geographical location of the customer. Warranty details and terms and conditions are available for each model supplied.

We will endeavour to ensure warranty periods and production specifications are clearly communicated.  A member of our team would very happy to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Where operating or technical difficulties are experienced, please refer in the first instance to the manufacturers operating or installation manual along with troubleshooting check. 

Manufacturers operating manuals will provide essential information on routine cleaning and maintenance activity.

Incorrect and infrequent cleaning can cause damage to the appliance and generate hazardous hygiene conditions.  It is important to refer to the specific manufacturer’s user or installation manual.  We recommend that you

Conduct the following periodic 

The following areas of the appliance or component assemblies require weekly checks:

  • condition of the condenser unit and sufficient airflow
  • condition and efficiency of the door sealing elements
  • condition of shelves in contact with food products
  • condition of hinges and correct fixing of the doors
  • condition of electrical cables and electrical parts
  • position of the refrigerated appliance

Preventive Maintenance

Any refrigeration system with a blocked condenser, leaking refrigerant, faulty door seal or incorrect defrost settings (to name just a few issues), works the components harder than they were originally designed to. Ultimately, this can cause operating failures and increase the amount of energy being used.

We recommend that you take out a service or maintenance contract with a local reputable refrigeration engineering company. Most businesses in the food and drink industries will have a long-standing relationship with a reputable refrigeration company who provide a full cleaning, monitoring and maintenance service which includes:

  • cleaning of the condenser
  • periodical checks of the refrigerant charge
  • checking complete cycle operation 
  • electrical safety

Positioning of Commercial Refrigeration

It is important that the appliance is positioned correctly, as incorrect positioning can cause damage to the refrigeration system and affect the performance of the cabinet. Before switching on the refrigeration system, you should check:

  • position the refrigerated cabinet keeping a minimum distance of 3-4 cm from any wall
  • position the refrigerated cabinet away from heat sources
  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • avoid drafts from doors and air conditioning units
  • ensure adequate airflow above the compressor unit
  • ensure all polyethylene, cardboard or wood packaging is removed

It is important to ensure that the ambient air temperature of the room, where the cabinet is positioned, is in line with the manufacturers guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.


The manufacturer’s operating and installation manuals provide essential information. We recommend that you read this information thoroughly before using each new piece of equipment and then refer to manuals on a regular basis. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty.

User manuals will give specific instructions on how to carefully access key areas for routine cleaning and maintenance. If the manual has been mislaid then contact the company who supplied the equipment or the manufacturer directly.

In line with food and drink safety guidelines, it is important to measure and monitor the temperature of all refrigeration equipment. Do not rely on readings from the controller.

We recommend that independent readings are routinely taken with a separate temperature probe, at various points within the cabinet. Cabinet temperatures should be recorded in line with your food safety procedures.  

Each manual will give specific instructions on how to access key areas for rountine cleaning.  If you have mislaid your manual then you should contact the company who supplied you with the equipment or the manufacturer directly.
Click here to view the manufacturer operating manuals.

Angel Refrigeratoin shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from the following conditions from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, careless behaviour, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow installation manuals and or operating instructions, power failure, overloading, misuse/use other than intended or alteration of the goods without prior written approval from the company.

The Company shall be under not liability should any product or part repaired, altered or assembled by anyone other than the Company, the Company’s supplier or appointed service contractor, which in the sole judgement of the Company affects the performance, stability, or performance for which the Goods were manufactured.

Any claim by the Customer must be supported by the provision of a valid engineer’s or contractor’s inspection report, accompanied by accurate installation and maintenance records.

All costs incurred by the Company as a result of an invalid warranty claim must be borne by the Customer who originally placed the order for the Goods concerned.

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