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Temperature Guidelines

When selecting new commercial refrigeration is is essential that storage, display and temperature reduction guidelines are followed closely. 

Please find below temperature and humidity guidelines.

For further details please contact your regional Food Standard Agency. 

These guidelines may be subject to specific product requirements. 

Type  Temperature  Humidity 
Beverages  +1°C/+10°C
Charcuterie  +3°C/+12°C
Chilled Foods  +3°C/+5°C
Chocolate Storage  +12°C/+18°C 45-60%
Fresh Fish  -1°C/+1°C
Fresh Meat  -2°C/+2°C
Frozen Foods -18°C/-22°C
Hot Foods 65°C(min 63°C)
Packaged Ice Cream  -20°C/-24°C
Red Wine  +14°C/20°C
Soft Scoop Ice Cream  -12°C/24°C
White Wine  +4°C/+12°C