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Features and Benefits

Features and benefits of new equipment

When selecting new refrigeration equipment it is really important to look at energy efficiency and ecological friendly features.  Look for equipment that has:

  • Refrigeration systems that use a natural refrigerant gas R209a Propane
  • Fitted with ‘Intelligent Controllers’ to ensure the refrigeration system only operate when necessary
  • Made with high density polyurethane insulation to prevent impact of external temperatures
  • Fitted with ‘Door Open’ alarm and self closing doors to ensure doors are closed quickly
  • Include a ‘Dirty Condenser Alarm’ to prevent short term increased energy consumption and long term damage to the compressor
  • It’s worth looking at equipment with half doors or drawers in for use in high ambient areas
  • Uses LED lighting and includes low emissivity wherever appropriate

“When Selecting Counter Refrigeration with Drawers, it is worth considering the Coreco counter with self closing drawer mechanisms.”  Click here to view Coreco Drawer Mechanisms via YouTube Link… 


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