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Shelves, Trays and Supports

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Shelves, Trays and Supports

We offer a wide range of plastic coated wire shelving stainless, steel wire shelf racks, aluminium and stainless steel baking trays.

Tray sizes include: 

600mm x 400mm x 2mm slight lip – Aluminium 

600mm x 800mm x 2mm slight lip – Aluminium 


600mm x 500mm x 25mm x 4 side upstand – Aluminium 

600mm x 500mm x 25mm x 4 side upstand – Aluminium 

Shelf sizes include:


600mm x 400mm plastic coated 

600mm x 800mm plastic coated 


600mm x 400mm wire capacity 

600mm x 800mm wire capacity 

600mm x 400mm stainless steel capacity 

600mm x 800mm stainless steel capacity 

Shelf clips and shelf supports can be supplied for Angel, Coreco, Everlasting, Evermed and Hengel refrigerated counters, uprights and multidecks.

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