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Hengel Retarder Prover Tunnel – Available with 660mm and 810mm Door Opening



In response to the demanding environment of semi-industrial bakeries, we offer a range of reinforced retarder prover tunnels.  There are two ranges of tunnels available for use with trollies with 600x800mm baguette tray, standard (HGD) and reinforced (HGDR).  The reinforced range is more duarable and maximises the lifetime of the equipment, they are particularly suited for intensive use.

bagette trolley and bread picture


HGDR “Premium range”: The dimensions of this range are identical to the standard Retarder Prover chambers and tunnels units.  But equipment and manufacturing are different in terms of ergonomics, robustness and simplified maintenance :

  • Interior surfaces food-grade stainless steel (ceiling included)
  • Door designed to enhance the squareness
  • Door with stainless steel sides to reduce wear due trolley friction
  • Double tubular protection made of stainless steel to fully protect eventual doors collisions with trolleys, which also serves as a handle
  • Automatic closing with a hydraulic actuator located outdoors to avoid risk of corrosion
  • Metallic specific hinges for heavy loads, adjustable on three axes (opening/closing without friction, even on irregular floors)
  • Hinges equipped with a ramp mounted on a spring to automatically close the door but with a stop at 115° for safely handling trolleys
  • Hinges completely closed for better hygiene
  • Bi-Tronic Control 2 interface placed on the stainless steel panel side of the door. It is protected by a thick stainless steel profile with a coding to easily identify the compartment attached
  • Thrust pads for shock absorption in case of sudden opening
  • Humidity with boiler tank

Hengel grid

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Hengel Retarder Prover Tunnel – Available with 660mm and 810mm Door Opening Click the image above to enlarge it
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