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Fish and neutral Display counter for market-BFP-220


Product Number:

AISI 304 Stainless steel



BNP- 120

Easy cleanup: hermetic refrigeration equipment compartment which allows the external cleaning of the unit with direct water stream.

Electronic temperature controller

Lateral sides Thickness 40+40 mm

Injected polyurethane insulation , density 40 kg / m³ , zero ODP and GWP effects

BFP: chassis, refrigerated tray exhibition with condenser unit

BNP: chassis, no refrigerated tray exhibition

BNF: chassis, special designed for fruits

BFP-S: no chassis, refrigerated tray exhibition, ready for remote condenser unit (included, 3 meters tube)

BNP-S: no chasis, no refrigerated tray exhibition



Please note all storage and display cabinets are designed to store or display pre-chilled or pre-frozen products only. Display cabinets are for short-term display of pre-chilled foods. After service or trading, chilled food should be moved to a chilled storage cabinet.

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