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Everlasting Bakery Retarder Prover Cabinet – FL 70

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Product Number:

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

External Dimensions:
W790mm x D700mm x H2070mm

Storage Capacity:
573 Litres

Single solid door, Self Closing

Size - 600mm x 400mm

Operating Temperature:
-10˚C to +40˚C

Ambient Temperature:
Max +38˚C

Product Weight:



13 amp plug

New Electric Controls 


-3.5” full color capacitive electronic control panel -Menu available in 5 languages -Synoptic chart to visualize the cycle progression -Customized programs to add -Easy and quick to use

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Thanks to the synoptic chart is posseble to check the cycle progression every time you need

The new ‘cold’ systems for bakery professionals -The use of cold processes in modern baking technology arises from the new production needs, whose main goal is to avoid night and holiday work.  These bakery units improve product quality, because a long leavening process gives the bread more flavour and lengthens it’s duration.

Leavening Control: Controlled fermentation is used for pastry and bread dough through an accurate management of temperature, humidity and time.  Everlasting’s refrigerated cabinets and tables for leavening control stop or slow the fermentative activity of yeast, keep the dough in this condition until a maximum of 72 hours and then start the fermentation phase at the time established by the program.

The fermentation phase  the automatically starts and finished at the time set by the program.  

The whole process consists of 4 steps;

  • Cooling 
  • Storage 
  • Pre-leavening 
  • Leavening

The benefits of using an Everlasting Retarder Prover;

  • Elimination of night work 
  • Improved product quality and flavor 
  • Enhanced profits due to rationalization of process and ingredients. 

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