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Coreco Back Bar Counter Fridge with Solid Doors 600mm – FMR

FMR is supplied with either solid doors or can be customised with a combination of doors/drawers.

Product Number:

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Chilling Capacity:
340 - 940 Litres

Operating Temperature:
-2˚ C to + 8˚ C

Ambient Temperature:
Max +32˚ C


13 amp plug

Click here to view details of the Coreco Self Closing Drawer Mechanism..

FMR-250 with drawers







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  Temp Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Power  (W) Capacity  (L) Energy Efficiency Class Doors Climate Class
FMR -150 -2°C +8°C 1495 1040 600 330 340 C 2 5/ Heavy duty cabinet
FMR -200 -2°C +8°C 2020 1040 600 350 540 D 3 5/ Heavy duty cabinet
FMR -250 -2°C +8°C 2545 1040 600 480 740 C 4 5/ Heavy duty cabinet
FMR -300 -2°C +8°C 3070 1040 600 480 940 D 5 5/ Heavy duty cabinet


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