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Coreco Solid Door 600mm Deep Pizza Counter MR60 Range


Product Number:

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

solid doors, with self closing system

Plasticized steel wire, height adjustable

Operating Temperature:
-2°C to +8°C for topping unit and pizza unit

Ambient Temperature:
+32°C for topping unit and 38°C for pizza unit.

Product Weight:


13 amp plug

G/N 1/4 Topping unit included, with glass cover

Inner side of doors by stamped steel

Granite working surface with 180mm up-stands

Interior with stainless steel slides

Neutral drawer with three 600mm x 400mm x 70mm containers as standard

AISI -304 adjustable legs. 125 to 200mm

Removable and fan assisted condenser unit

Fan assisted evaporator, with expoxi anticorrosion coating

Automatic evaporation of defrost water

40Kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation, zero ODP and GWP

Digital temperature control, optimized defrost, high-temperature condensation alarm. Efficient management of energy consumption

GN 1/4 Topping unit, included



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