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Everlasting is a leading Italian manufacturer of specialist commercial refrigeration for the food & drink production, catering and hospitality industries. In particular, Everlasting offer a wide range temperature and humidity controlled refrigeration for the Bakery & Pastry, Chocolate & Confectionary, Butchery & Charcuterie, Catering & Hospitality, Fresh & Frozen food production industries. Everlasting are widely known for their Bakery Rooms and Free Standing Retarder Provers, Stagionatore Climate Control cabinets, Pastry cabinets, counters, Chocolate fridges, Cold Rooms, Blast Chillers and other professional refrigerated storage equipment. Playing a leading role in the national Italian market, Everlasting is also strongly placed throughout UK and Europe, regularly supply equipment to  Africa, Middle & Far East and Australia.

This remarkable result has been achieved as a result of more than fifty years of professional experience in refrigeration, as well as to a constant commitment to providing the market with innovative and high-quality solutions, all made in Italy, with Italian components. Quality and efficiency are central to the development and production of a range of reliable equipment.

Our products can be divided into five main lines, matching the professional areas to which the company addresses: Catering, Pastry-Chocolate-Ice Cream, Bakery, Pizzeria, Food & Beverage. In addition, it is also available a wide range of supplementary equipment.

Commitment, Passion and Experience are the foundation of Everlasting

Our goal is to satisfy customers by offering the highest professional achievements in the field of refrigeration’, Everlasting srl

For over fifty years, this family owned manufacturer has been guided by their passion and commitment towards innovative solutions, allowing them to meet and anticipate the needs of the European Commercial Refrigeration markets.

Everlasting continues to develop products reliable, specialist products, designed and produced to high quality standards.

Based in Suzzara (Mantova), and founded by Giovanni Guidetti in 1956, Everlasting is now one of the leading commercial refrigeration companies in Italy in the production of refrigerated units for catering facilities. In particular, Everlasting specialises in the production of commercial refrigeration for general and specialist food markets: Catering, Pastry-Chocolate-Ice Cream, Bakery, Pizzeria, Food & Beverage.

Everlasting is probably best known in the United Kingdom for their range of Blast Chillers and Ice Cream refrigeration. With the recent introduction of the Seasoning Cabinet specifically designed for Butchers and speciality food producers, the Everlasting brand is considered as a premium brand.

Everlasting design their products with the greatest of respect for the environment

The facilities are managed through the efficient use of energy, materials and natural resources, with the objective of reducing environmental impact and waste. All Everlasting products provide significant energy savings by ensuring a more accurate control over product storage.

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Recycling as a source of renewable energy            

OUR PRODUCTS ARE 99% recyclable

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Efficiency of packaging


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Everlasting also produces insulated panels for modular Cold Rooms in their factory in nearby Palidano di Gonzaga (Mantova) under the brand name of COLD MARK.  Cold rooms are available in a wide range of panel thicknesses and dimensions, ideal for restaurants, foodstuff shops, greengroceries, hotels, canteens, hospitals, chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories, supermarkets, storehouses for frozen products, workrooms for ice-cream and confectionery, warehouses for foodstuff and for fruit and vegetables, slaughterhouses, dairy industries, maturing storehouses and for all the professional refrigeration requirements.



EVERmed is the specialist medical division of the Everlasting group. EVERmed is a growing company that not only focuses the use of the highest technology and innovation, but also the environment and safety. All their products comply with the most recent applicable standards and bear the CE marking which assures their absolute professionalism and safety

Video from You Tube showing more about the Evermed Medical Refrigeration, click the link below to view

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