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Coreco LINE 9 Pastry Serve Over Display with Cold Storage

Product Number:
CVEP 9 Pastry

Exterior and interior steel sheet prepainted. Exterior Finish as Standard: Lacquered or laminated wood. Worktop finished in melamine laminate

2 Glass Shelves

Operating Temperature:


13 amp plug

Toughened front facing glass

Panel Thickness:

High Density Insulation

Standard decoration: short dark grey front+blue decorative stripe 

Front rubber bumper 

Glass shelf non-refrigerated 

Standard T8 fluorescent lighting: top workshop, shelf and front base

Refrigerated under storage with doors 440x270mm (except for ambient models)

Length (mm) Storage (m³) Display (m²) Doors Power (w) Consump (w) Refrigerant
CVEP-9-10 1055 0.33 0.65 1 410 863 R-404A
CVEP-9-13 1305 0.43 0.82 2 550 987 R-404A
CVEP-9-15 1525 0.49 0.97 2 675 1102 R-404A
CVEP-9-20 2025 0.67 1.31 3 880 1277 R-404A
CVEP-9-25 2525 0.84 1.65 4 1050 1303 R-404A
CVEP-9-30 2995 1.19 1.96 4 1480 1592 R-404A

Please note all storage and display cabinets are designed to store or display pre-chilled or pre-frozen products only. Display cabinets are for short-term display of pre-chilled foods. After service or trading, chilled food should be moved to a chilled storage cabinet.

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