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Routine refrigeration maintenance is essential

Unlike almost any other piece of commercial food equipment, refrigeration has to work to maximum efficiency 24 hours a day. Refrigeration that doesn’t operate to high standards can lead to a long list of issues that could potentially affect the finances and reputation of a business.

Any refrigeration system with a blocked condenser, leaking refrigerant, faulty door seal or incorrect defrost settings (to name just a few issues)  has to work harder than the components were originally designed to.  Ultimately, this can cause operating failures and increase the amount of energy being used.

The product manufacturer’s operating and installation manuals provide essential information.

Incorrect and infrequent cleaning can cause damage to equipment and also generate hazardous hygiene conditions. The manufacturer’s installation manual will give appropriate cleaning and maintenance information. It is important to;

  • Check the condition and efficiency of door seals, hinges, electrical cables and anything in contact with food products
  • Clean the condensing unit once a month or as instructed by your engineer or manufacturer
  • Set up a maintenance programme with an experienced refrigeration company

User manuals will give specific instructions on how to carefully access key areas for routine cleaning. If the manual has been mislaid then contact the company who supplied the equipment or the manufacturer directly.

We recommend at all refrigeration products are inspected and service regularly.

Most businesses in the food and drink industries will have a long standing relationship with a reputable refrigeration company who provide a full cleaning, monitoring and maintenance service.

Should you require any help than the team at Angel Refrigeration will be able to recommend one of their experienced service partners. Alternatively, take a look at the Refcom list where you will find of over 4,000 registered Air Conditioning and Refrigeration companies operating in the United Kingdom at

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